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At SYY, we know that confidence matters.

Established in the nineties, the SYY Group started our aesthetic medical practice at Singapore’s renowned Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. To provide greater accessibility to our patients, we subsequently moved to The Promenade and later to Ngee Ann City, then Liat Towers and finally to Toa Payoh where we remain to this day.

Today, the SYY Group is an established clinic conveniently located at the heart of Singapore. Our clinic is supported by a team of experienced aesthetic medical doctors who provide holistic professional diagnosis and prescriptions. Besides Singaporeans, we also provide services to clients from all parts of Asia and as far away as America and Europe.

Dr Lee Su Lan

Specialty: Psychiatry
Founder and CEO of SYY Clinic
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Singapore)
Master of Medicine, Psychiatry (Singapore)
Fellow of the Academy of Medicine (Singapore)

Helmed by Drs Charles Lim and Dr Lee Su Lan for over 35 years, SYY Clinic is well established as a centre for treating a wide variety of skin problems such as pimples, acne, pigmentation and pores.

Dr Lee Su Lan is a Psychiatrist by profession. Not denying that conventional therapies are necessary and have an essential place in Medicine, she is presently advocating using an adjunct integrative

approach in the healing of physical as well as psychological problems. This will help to make medical treatment so much more effective in the long run.

Base on her life journey of poor health after the age of 50, her success in self healing has inspired her to revive her clinical practice beyond the realm of Medical Aesthetics. However, this time it is a speciality with emphasis on a naturalistic and holistic approach to Psychiatry and Medicine. Her inspiration is derived from the art of achieving balance in mind, body and spirit. The human body strives to grow strong at all levels and the

art of living well physically, emotionally and spiritually must be addressed for every body who strives to achieve maximum health and happiness.

Everyone must be aware and guided to understand and learn about the power of nutrition for the body, mindfulness for the mind as well as for peacefulness for the spirit.


Dr Lee believes that it would be her greatest gift to share her knowledge, discovery and experiences in order to raise awareness of present health issues and conquer illnesses through an total approach

in health care.

Dr Lim

Thian Chai

Specialty: Internal Medicine
Chairman & Director of SYY Pte. Ltd.
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Singapore) 
Member of the Royal College of Physicians (U.K.)
Fellow of Royal College of Physicians  (Glasgow)
Fellow of  Academy of Medicine, Internal Medicine (Singapore)


Dr Charles Lim Thian Chai is a specialist in Internal Medicine

and believes that he can help everyone to heal themselves. This is done by addressing the various factors that can affect a person’s well-being including physical, emotional, social as well as other

environmental factors. Everyone is different in their own way.

So by focusing on the person as a whole and addressing his suffering

and problems, self healing can be achieved.


Dr Lim also believes in combining modern medicine with proven healing techniques in nutrition medicine, reducing stresses through counselling, meditation and relaxation.

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